Autism Organization Zimbabwepic_2

The Autism Organization Zimbabwe was formed in 2009 and registered in 2011 as a Private Voluntary Organization whose primary aim is the rehabilitation of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), provision of skills training and support services as well as raising public awareness on issues affecting children or adults living with ASD for a better quality of life.

Please Contact:

Ms Helen Eunice Tendai Mutambara or Emmanuel Kuyimba
+263 773 169 836 or +263 772 809 936

Donations to:
Account Name: The Autism Organisation Zimbabwe
Account Number: 1068557
Bank: Barclays
Branch: Pearl House
Code: 2144

Ballantyne Park Conservancy Trustpic_2

Ballantyne Park Conservancy (BPC) consists of local area residents concerned with the state of Ballantyne Park dams and interested in restoring and maintaining the park. Ballantyne Park is a wetland consisting of Ballantyne, Blair and Staley dams. It is the focal point for residents living in the Ballantyne Park area in the city of Harare.

Please Contact:

Sue Burr
Facebook: https//

Donations to:
Account Name: Ballantyne Park Conservancy
Account Number: 1004564309
Bank: CABS
Branch: Borrowdale

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwepic_2

The Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (Cancer Center) is a nonprofit making organization which was started in 1961 by a group of cancer survivors and volunteers in a bid to support each other morally, emotionally, spiritually and physically after a cancer diagnosis. Since the beginning of this noble service, the association has continued to grow in providing cancer support services, cancer awareness programmes, counseling sessions and cancer screening services.

Please Contact:

Mrs. Junior Mavu
+263 4 707444 / +263 4 705522 / +263 4 707673
60 Livingstone Avenue, Cnr 6th Street, Harare
Facebook: Cancer Association of Zimbabwe or Twitter @cancerzimbabwe or

Donations to:
Account Number: 6303394
Bank: Barclays
Branch Code: 2157

Dorothy Duncan Braille Library & Rehabilitation Centre

The Dorothy Duncan Braille Library and Rehabilitation Centre, has for the past 25 years, been at the forefront in Zimbabwe in the provision of services to the sight impaired in this country. These services include the rehabilitation of those who have lost their sight in later life enabling them to return to gainful employment, the production of literature on tape, on CD, and in large print and of course in Braille.

Please Contact:

Charity Johnson
(263-4) 251116/7

Donations to:
Account Number: 901624547
Bank: CABS
Branch: Platinum Branch.

Dzikwa Trustpic_2

The Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society was founded in 2003 to engage in direct development cooperation supporting orphans in Zimbabwe. Through implementation by the Dzikwa Trust, the Society seeks to secure the basic education of over 400 orphans keen to learn and to promote their overall welfare and development. The Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society was founded in 2003 to engage in direct development cooperation supporting orphans in Zimbabwe. Through implementation by the Dzikwa Trust, the Society seeks to secure the basic education of over 400 orphans keen to learn and to promote their overall welfare and development. We believe that education is the key to the development of child and country alike.

The Friend Animal Foundationpic_2

The Friend Animal Foundation is a shelter for unwanted and abandoned animals. We take in and care for animals that need a second chance, rehoming them to good forever homes. Please donate and help us save animals.

Please Contact:

Marylu Stodart
+263 772 225 845

Donations to:
Account Number: 0021087600011001
Bank: Ecobank
Branch: Samora Machel

Hurungwe Children’s Homepic_2

We are a Private Children’s Home in Karoi, Zimbabwe. We are registered as a subcommittee of Lions Club Karoi Chapter – HURUNGWE CHILDREN’S HOME Registration number SW 10/141
There are 48 – 50 children in the Home ranging from the ages of 2 to 18 years of age and 13 members of staff who work at the Home caring for the children in various capacities.

Please Contact:

Mrs Heidi Wightman
+263 264 2156793 or +263 77 344 7882
Facebook: Hurungwe Children’s Home

Donations to:
Account Name: Hurungwe Children’s Home
Account Number: 1004769903
Bank: CABS
Swift Code: CABSZWHA

Island Hospice and Healthcarepic_2

Island Hospice and Healthcare has been providing palliative care, an approach that combines multiple health disciplines to provide holistic care (mental, physical, social, spiritual), pain management and bereavement services for those facing life threatening illnesses and their families for over 35 years. Life threatening illnesses include chronic illnesses (HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Dementia, TB [AIDs related]) and the bereaved include child-headed households, widows and elderly carers.

Please Contact:

Miss Laura Sibanda
+263 4 701674/7

Donations to:
Account Name: Island Hospice Service
Account Number: 0222071893901
Bank: Stanbic Bank
Branch: Belgravia
Code: 3103
Swift Code: SBICZWHX

Kariba Animal Welfare Fund Trustpic_2

For the welfare of Wildlife. Working closely with Parks and Wildlife Authority. Have Memorandum of Understanding with Parks and Wildlife Authority
Daily snare patrols for removal of snares.
Attending to animals wounded by illegal poaching.
Creating awareness with email updates and facebook which assists with human wildlife conflict and encourages respect for Wildlife and the environment.
Assisting the Authorities wherever able in various forms.

Please Contact:

Debbie Ottman
+263 773 996 487

Donations to:
Account Number: 1002657636
Bank: CABS
Swift Code: CABSZWHA


Kuumba works to restore and transform damaged families one at a time to live wholesome and productive lives. Its activities are focused to create awareness of personal and external factors which affect the family’s well-being. It practically engages its targets in equipping themselves to respond effectively to their life challenges rather than to succumb to them.
Family interactive workshops relevant to daily life issues are held for adults, youth and children. Life skills training and recreational camps are held for children and youth. Family counselling includes pre and post marital, drug and alcohol addiction, child abuse and domestic violence.

Please Contact:

Wanda Kawadza, Program Coordinator
+263 775 611 881

Donations to:
Account Number: 12858915402019
Bank: Banc ABC
Branch: Msasa

National Trust Zimbabwepic_2

The NTZ is dedicated to protect, manage and improve a number of selected sites of National importance in Zimbabwe. These properties are held in Trust by NTZ for the people of Zimbabwe, and include natural sites such as Sebakwe Poort, and Worlds View, and manmade sites, which include the La Rochelle Estate and the Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition. Heritage is precious: Treasure it!

Please Contact:

Wanda Kawadza, Program Coordinator
+263 4 860 202

Melfort Old People’s Homepic_2

Melfort Old People’s Home is 41.5 kms along the Harare-Mutare Road. As a registered welfare organisation, it provides accommodation and a life worth living for older persons who are identified as being destitute. Support in cash and kind is required for their food, healthcare and income generating projects to pay for recurring costs at the Home.

Please Contact:

Garikai Francis
+ 263 774 433 485 or + 263 736 105 721
Facebook: Hurungwe Children’s Home

Donations to:
Account Name: Melfort Farm Project
Account Number: 1004607431
Bank: CABS

Rokpa Support Networkpic_2

Rokpa Support Network works primarily with the disabled and vulnerable, through committed staff and volunteers, to address the physiological and psychological issues of the needy. Programs focus on parents of children with disabilities, the homeless, people infected and affected by HIV and other vulnerable people without means of self-sustenance, and provision of medical assistance through our drop-in centre.

Please Contact:

Wiseman Muganiri

Donations to:
Account Name: Rokpa Support Network
Account Number: 1004748612
Bank: CABS
Branch: Avondale
Swift Code: CABSZWHA

Arthur Shearly Cripps Children’s Homepic_2

Shearly Cripps Children’s home was opened in 1963, through the initiative of Anglican Church Reverend Arthur Shearly Cripps. The institution is registered with the Department of Social Welfare as a children’s home for orphans. It is administered through a Board that reports to the Anglican Diocese of Harare. The orphanage survives on donations in cash and kind from well-wishers. On average there are about 70 children in the home at any one time. Registered Welfare Organisation Number 14/70

Please Contact:

Mr Chinyowa
+263 772 381 480

SPCA Hararepic_2

The Harare SPCA takes in animals that have been dumped, abused and neglected. The animals have no voice and no choice. We will not and must not abandon those in our care. On some days you will need dark glasses to hide the tears. We cry a lot here but we get by. The rewards are bigger than you can imagine so please come forward and assist.

Please Contact:

263 712 211 900/4

Donations to:

Account Number: 2199 1012419

Tony Waite Organisationpic_2

Tony Waite Organisation was registered as a Private Voluntary Organisation in 2011(PVO 45/11) and is currently working in Kariba urban and peri urban and in fishing camps. The organisation thrives to offer a robust and philanthropic assistance to children infected and affected by chronic illness, orphans and the vulnerable, men and women in the community.

Please Contact:

Ms Ellen Vengere (Executive Director)
+263 772 223 646 or +263 261 214 6579