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What is Cause Related Marketing?

A win win strategy
Where a company establishes a long term partnership for mutual benefit with a charitable organisation or community cause.

How To Donate

This is how you can help
For your convenience the Cause4Concern Trust offers several options by which you can donate to your chosen cause.

Sponsor A Cause

Find your corporate responsibility.
We have an ever growing list of worthy causes that are in desperate need of your sponsorship.
Our Mission

bridging the gap between those who have and those who have not


Give more than a thought

Conservatively there are some 120 Causes or Charities here in Zimbabwe, ranging from amateur swimming groups to National Trust, all needing financial help in some way.
Cause4Concern can only handle about 5/6 a year. So we have to target those causes or charities who we consider are not only deserving but who we believe in and feel we could work with.

It’s important to emphasise now that C4C are there to work with the particular Cause or Charity, as part of a team. We would not presume to tell the Cause how to run their affairs, but rather to support existing initiatives and to introduce new and ideally more lucrative ways of fund raising