The Dorothy Duncan Braille Library and Rehabilitation Centre, has for the past 25 years, been at the forefront in Zimbabwe in the provision of services to the sight impaired in this country. These services include the rehabilitation of those who have lost their sight in later life enabling them to return to gainful employment, the production of literature on tape, on CD, and in large print and of course in Braille. Braille books include those necessary for the core subjects for primary and secondary education of children and for their tertiary education as required by individual students, as well as leisure reading material for all ages and leaflets and other important information for the blind. The latter has included information on HIV and Aids, and the country’s Constitution. With the help of the Old Mutual organisation The Dorothy Duncan Centre is trying to raise funds to build a new rehabilitation centre fitted with all the essentials required to help the blind live, cope, and thrive despite their disability.


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