Roger Fairlie is a retired Film Producer and Advertising Agency Head. With over 50 year’s successful experience in the fields of publicity and promotion, Roger is the perfect person to lead his small but qualified team into the world of Fund Raising.
Internationally, Roger has received a number of awards for his work in documentary film, including the top award at the FAO Film Festival in Berlin.
On the home side his Film and Advertising successes have been applauded, having been awarded honorary membership status with The Advertising and Publicity Club of Zimbabwe.
He is a dedicated environmentalist having established and run the acclaimed Greystone Nature Preserve in various managerial positions for 20 years.
Roger recently completed a successful 2 year assignment as Church Warden with Christchurch Borrowdale (CPCA). He is the leader of the team managing the Christchurch Charity “Helping Hand”. “Helping Hand” is a feeding scheme, supporting some 50 widows and orphans, operating in the Dombashava area outside Harare. Roger has been in charge of this operation for the last five years.